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Expand your parenting skills and confidence. Good mothering is the foundation of your child’s lifelong health, learning potential, and emotional security.

Do you have the latest developmental information and practical skills to do your best as a parent? In today’s busy world, many parents don’t.

If you’re concerned about:
        • Your readiness to be a mother
        • Stress during pregnancy
        • Fear of labor and childbirth
        • Caring for a newborn
        • Post-partum depression
        • Sleep, feeding and development issues
        • Bonding and attachment
        • Insufficient partner or family support
        • Day care decisions
        • Toddler tantrums
        • Or other issues
I can help. Contact me.

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Your baby is precious and healthy development is priceless.

Personal Coaching Sessions –by phone or in person
I will talk with you one-on-one to answer your questions, teach you specific skills and share a wealth of information based on the latest science and timeless wisdom. 30 minute and 50 minute sessions available.

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There is no better investment than parenting education. Healthy parents create healthy babies for a healthy world.

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